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For various reasons, we strongly recommend that you contact a nearby, authorized Kubota dealer for all maintenance, service, and replacement parts for your Kubota equipment. KTC will not be responsible for any type of damage, injury or loss resulting from incorrect or improper adjustment, repair or replacement done by the owner or operator. KTC’s Illustrated Parts List Website does not have parts online ordering capability. You must contact an authorized Kubota dealer if you wish to purchase parts for your Kubota equipment.
Parts applications may be dependent on a unit’s serial number. Serial number applicability is shown in the illustrated Parts List. In very rare cases, the serial number break may not be exact. Therefore, it is important that part number applicability be confirmed by an authorized Kubota dealer prior to ordering. Always have your exact model designation and serial number available when placing a parts order with an authorized Kubota dealer. KTC assumes no responsibility whatsoever in the event any incorrect parts are ordered, delivered or installed. Further, you should understand that parts may no longer be available for Kubota equipment due to the passage of time.
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This Illustrated Parts List system contains parts list information of US models only. The information may be inaccurate for models sold by Kubota distributors in other countries. Therefore, Kubota customers outside of the United States should not use this Illustrated Parts List system to identify parts for their unit.